Blending Eastern Wisdom
with Western Psychology

Empowering you to shift your mindset, attitudes, and behaviors, enabling you to access your true potential and play from a place of strength.

How I help?

How can I help you?


Experiential Growth Journey

Experiential and transformational workshops that raise self-awareness, unlock potential and empower all to go beyond their comfort zones to overcome any challenge.


Transformational Change

Transformational coaching to raise self-awareness, empower sustainable behavioral and mindset change through practical and reflective learning opportunities.


Enabling Growth

A variety of practical and empowering tried and tested tools for all types of learners to enable independent, self-development, growth and learning – on the go.

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Self-Awareness Raising video on becoming Anti-Racist - for Black Lives Matter

This video highlights that micro-aggressions often faced by those on the receiving end of racism and highlights how each and every one of us can make a stand to work on becoming Anti-Racist.

What clients say about me?

There inevitably comes a time when an enterprise has to navigate through stormy waters, as we did in our journey. I was lucky enough to have Mamta on side who helped me understand the mind better, gave an insight to its inner workings and how one can really be at their best when it's clear and calm. Using her vast knowledge of Psychology, corporate experience and blending it with time-tested Eastern wisdom, Mamta knows exactly how to guide us to our best state and take leaps in our journey to self mastery. Not only has this helped us survive challenges, we have in fact thrived.

Samir Ranavaya
Samir Ranavaya CEO, Hacker Kitchens

Mamta is fantastic. We worked together for 3 years. Mamta has greatly skilled in being able to challenge the reasons why and how I make decisions. She has the ability for me to find answers to solutions and problems simply by untangling my thoughts and preconceived ideas.

There has been a fundamental improved change, within a very short space of time. She has empowered me to make challenging decisions in positive ways, she stretches my abilities and I feel better for it. I look forward to continuing my journey with Mamta. Highly recommended Coach who will make a difference professionally and personally.

Vijay Parikh
Vijay Parikh Managing Partner, Harold Benjamin

Phenomenal Occupational Psychologist who enabled me to grow professionally and will not be forgotten for her encouragement and efforts! Mamta's training technique was superb in the sense that she was able to engage and excite the team while strategically managing to deliver significant aha moments allowing individual(s) to appreciate the complexities of what it takes to be a leader.

The one on one Coaching Sessions were tailored to individual(s) career objectives and provided a wealth of ideas and tactics to consider whilst maneuvering through the corporate world. Thank you Mamta for supporting my continuous growth and development. Truely inspired!

Fuad Shatara
Fuad Shatara Vice President, Mubadala

It isn't often you meet someone who blows you away with their incredible set of values and inspiring nature. Mamta has impressed me from the moment I met her, with her warm genuine personality and her self belief and belief in her ability to inspire and help others reach potential.

I often call upon Mamta when faced with challenges either with work or home life as her unique view and ability to look at things from a different perspective is so helpful. Her enthusiasm and passion make working with Mamta on projects so brilliant and what started off as a professional relationship I now count as a personal one too. I count myself as lucky to call Mamta a colleague and friend.

Carolyn Freeman
Carolyn Freeman Director Sales UK, Degreed

I have had the great pleasure of being coached by Mamta of the last year. Her experience, skills and techniques as a coach have not only assisted me greatly in my professional life they have also helped me improve as a person. She takes time to understand you as a human being, what motivates and de-motivates you, to understand the nuances of your personality and how to unlock your talent and potential.

The things I have learned from my short time being coached by Mamta will stay useful to me throughout the rest of my career and give me the foundations to build on for future roles. I would highly recommend working with Mamta to anyone looking for a coach who will truly help and inspire you.

Danny Nicholson
Danny Nicholson Digital Leader

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