One to One Coaching

My holistic approach is a combination of Western Psychology and Eastern philosophy. It is customised to accommodate my clients regardless of their unique challenges. Each coaching session focuses on overcoming conscious and unconscious barriers and empowers individuals to come back to their authentic self. This transformational coaching focuses on building self-awareness and gaining a deeper understanding of the inner narratives and sabotaging beliefs that maybe at play. Regardless of the unique issues at hand, the tried and tested tools and techniques get under the skin of what is and what is not working, this creates a safe space to make healthy choices to heal and confidently move forward.

Couples Coaching

The therapeutic sessions will provide couples with a relaxing and supportive environment to discuss all concerns related to the challenges withing their relationship. Interventions will focus on working through and resolving emotional, behavioural, and mental barriers. Each tool and approach will serve to work on an individual’s strengths and will serve to explore Individual and relational emotional triggers, healing, and vitality to isolate what is serving the relationship and what isn’t. A variety of practical, tried, and tested approaches such as CBT, NLP, talking therapy and guided visualisations will be used to help couples heal and grow together in order to strengthen and solidify their communication, connection, and relationship.

Group Coaching

A compassionate group can make all the difference when developing, healing, and evolving. With over two decades of group facilitation experience I ensure everyone feels seen, heard, and recognised. In a group context I cultivate a safe climate and enriching learning environment. I am a strong believer in the wisdom existing within the group and I ensure to provide a space that creates plenty of opportunity to explore and delve into the experience of the participants.

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