When working to transform any organisation the journey cannot begin until the individuals involved have invested fully with their hearts and minds. In the work that I do I have come to see that all large scale change happens person by person. There is no ‘off the shelf’ solution to group dynamic shifting and this doesn’t happen overnight, but each person can change when given the tools to do so and the extent to which they embrace this personal responsibility and ability, dictates the speed of the organisation's transformation. At the core of this is the self-awareness of knowing when we are at our best or not. Before anything can change in the outer world of climate and culture of the organisation, the people involved need the skill to transform the habits of attitude and their consequent behavior and results.

Specific Development Solutions

Strengths Finder, Working across Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Mindfulness, Resilience & Grit, Managing Stress and Burnout


Transformational Coaching that will shift your Attitude Behaviour and Results (Face to Face and Virtual)

When we are at our best we are confident and resourceful, powerful and inspired, balanced and most effective. We can speak authentically and are able to motivate others. We can think clearly and see the wood from the trees. We can be sympathetic and understanding. We find the right words of encouragement, or the discerning feedback that makes a difference to others. However, most of us are not at our best all of the time. In fact, these moments can be the exception for some rather than the rule. We can feel overwhelmed, stressed or sucked into the detail or just too focused on outcomes and targets and losing sight of the big picture or the meaning in what we are doing. We might feel angry, resentful or scared.

Coaching with Mamta will raise your awareness of where you stand and will help you to understand the choices that you have in relation to your attitude, behaviour and results. You will understand your strengths and learn how you can overcome your challenges by leveraging on what you are really good at doing. Nothing is impossible and with Mamta you will see this. Coaching will leave you with a confidence and an ability to reach great heights in an authentic and engaging way that works for you.

Experiential Workshops

Development Solutions delivered through Face to Face & Virtual learning

Personality & Team Dynamics Team Coaching & Facilitation Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, Resilience Team Building
MBTI Team Values, Purpose, Vision Mindfulness for Top Performance Creative, Fun, Value-Added Activities
Strengths Finder Live Coaching in Team Meetings Resilience & Grit Conflict Resolutions Tool
Belbin Team Roles Resolving Conflict Reducing Workplace Stress Building Trust Tools
Pat Lencioni 5 Team Dysfunctions Team Culture & Development Mind & Body Balance Courageous Conversations Tool

Leadership Development & Coaching Culture & Engagement Personal Effectiveness Communication & Impact
Managing Transitions & Change Diversity & Inclusion Habits of Successful People Executive Presence
Authentic Leadership Working Across Cultures Time Management Managing Conflict
Unlocking Self-Limiting Beliefs Building the climate & culture for Engagement Creativity & Lateral Thinking Powerful Presenting & Impact
Executive Coaching Managing Conflict Winning Business Etiquette Negotiating & Influencing