Affirmations for Inner Peace


  • 45 individual empowering affirmation cards written in 1st person
  • Presented in an organic cotton draw string bag
  • Practically sized to fit in your pocket, handbag or by your bedside to call upon when you may need an anchor/voice of reason in your day
  • A beautiful of gift of inner peace for anyone for any occasion


In today’s world of uncertainty and stress we would all benefit from using simple tools to help us to stay positive. These beautiful iconic affirmation cards will empower, inspire, heal and restore you. What we think we attract, this is how life works. Keeping your thoughts peaceful will help you to attract abundance and happiness. Life is cornered with trials and tribulations and often we need a serendipitous reminder, that authoritative voice and the empowering language to get us through a tricky moment or hairy conversation without feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This is what I have set out to conquer with these hand written affirmations, each thoughtfully curated. I conducted extensive research on the power of affirmations and their psychological impact to help shift emotions, attitudes and our state of mind – the great news is that science backs the benefits. Affirmation cards are easily accessible in the moment and do not require a large amount of time to digest. They’re fast, prompt and exacting in any moment where you find yourself ’stuck’. By focusing on the positive, empowering and enabling thoughts we train our mind to see the ‘good’, we’re more likely to feel better and less likely to miss opportunities. What are you waiting for, buy your bag of affirmations now!